Francine Lalonde : 2015 AAC NATIONALS

National 2015 Bio of Francine Lalonde


First, I would like to thank the Organizing Committee for allowing me to be part of this great panel of judges at this year National. It is an honor for me, and I will do my best to live up to your expectations.

Agility is present in my life since several years, in fact since 1995 where I made my debut as a participant in an AAC trial with "Kim", a golden retriever. Prior to this, I've done obedience, tracking and also a bit of 'shuzthund '.

I attended my first judges’ clinic in 1998, and I have to admit that after all these years, agility still fascinates me. Also for me, it is a real pleasure to judge and to observe the different handling techniques in a course that I designed. I consider it a privilege, and I appreciate it every time.

I had the misfortune to lose my two dogs in the last year, so sadly, I’m 'less active' as a participant. So here I am with my new partner "Maggi Criggi" who just turned a year old. I rediscover with her the pleasure of training. She already shows me that she will also be a passionate of agility... I intend to resume competition in 2015 with this little ball of energy.

So I wish us all a beautiful National 2015 mostly in pleasure and self-transcendence.

Francine Lalonde.