Darcy Bennett : 2015 AAC NATIONALS

Darcy Bennett

I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta Canada where I still live with my wonderful wife Jennifer. We currently have four dogs, 2 of which are actively competing in agility, one who has retired from the game and a puppy waiting for her turn. I have been involved with the sport of Agility since 1999. My first dog decided to eat my sofa, so I realized he needed a "job" to do. I have since trained four dogs in agility and compete at both the Regional and National levels in Canada. My training was rewarded in 2011 when both of my competing dogs reached the podium at the Agility Association of Canada (AAC) Nationals as well as our Regional Championships.

I became a judge for the Agility Association of Canada (AAC) in 2001; my wife thought I was good judge material. I’m not sure if she wanted me out of the house more or not. My job as a designer for relocatable buildings helps me to visualize my course while I design or run it. In my travels judging, I have traveled across Canada from coast to coast. I have been proud to judge several Regional Championships as well as being part of the AAC National Championships in 2007 as a judge & 2010 as part of the organizing committee. In 2012 I was selected to judge the IFCS World Championships.

AAC Nationals is the trial I look forward to every year. I was in charge of course building at the first Nationals at Calgary in 2001, and have been a competitor here since Saskatoon in 2005. I have met many great people over the year who I only see once a year at Nationals. We built this sport up around our dogs, but don’t forget as a handler to have fun as well. Go out there meet people, play with your dog and have fun.

Good Luck