Bernadette van Klaveren : 2015 AAC NATIONALS

Bernadette van Klaveren

I am thrilled to be invited to judge the AAC nationals 2015!

Currently, with assistance from husband Dave, I am owned and operated by a pack of 5 Bernese Mountain dogs.

I am kept happily entertained by working as a professional Pet Groomer and in my evening life as a trainer and coach for DAWG in Nanaimo, instructing various dogs sports such as : trick classes, rally-O, draft, obedience and agility!! in the 20 plus years as an AAC agility judge, I have had the pleasure of meeting with many dog friends and seeing some of the best competition agility team efforts ever performed!

I know how it feels like to be standing on the start line, knowing you can do the task ahead, and hoping it will go as planned. Ending up on the podium feels fantastic, but far more important is the joy and work we put in towards that goal with our fantastic dogs!

As a previous AAC Regionals and Nationals organizer, I am grateful for the dedication of all volunteers putting this magical event into being, and wish all participants a great weekend of fun with dogs!

Bernadette van Klaveren